Five Popular Types of Specialty Gyms


The enormous world of fitness can be quite confusing, nowadays there are so many options you can choose from – there are boutique fitness studios, big box gyms, specialty gyms, small gyms, personal training studios, outdoor boot camps and so much more. If someone is unsure of the type of facility they want, it can be very difficult to find the ideal gym or workout.

Perhaps you may want to consider looking over some specialty gyms; these are gyms that focus on specific elements of exercise as opposed to the entire spectrum. For example, yoga gyms, aerobics gyms, kickboxing gyms, pole fitness studios are very popular and trendy. They take a certain element of exercise, focus on it and make it fun for those participating. People go to these popular specialty gyms to do their routine and do not have to pay for elements they do not use.

Here are five popular kinds of specialty gyms that you can take into consideration:

1. Trampoline Gyms

Recently there have been many trampoline gyms popping up all over the country, most of the time they are marketed as ideal party location for kid¥s birthdays; they are actually an ideal location for a great workout.

Generally a trampoline gym is a giant room packed with trampolines that are laid out side-by-side. These gyms offer memberships, punch cards and day passes and most offer actual trampoline workout classes. Keep in mind that is your trampoline jumping days were long ago, your legs will burn until they get used to these types of moves. It may seem simple; however this full body, strength building and cardio workout can be very tough.


2. Boxing Gyms

There are some boxing gyms which are specialty gyms and others fall more into the boutique fitness category, knowing the difference between these is important before you actually sign up. Boutique boxing gyms will typically offer only kickboxing and boxing classes, this means that there is no option for you to work out on your own.

On the other hand, boxing specialty gyms will typically have a boxing ring, some equipment that is geared towards strength training and all kinds of boxing bags that will provide a knock out work out. At a specialty boxing gym you will be able to join a class, workout with a trainer, or workout on your own. These facilities can however be a bit intimidating to those new to the scene and it is not unusual for many of their clientele to be in active training for real boxing matches.

3. Pole Fitness Studios

Pole fitness is really an extension of pole dancing, for this type of exercise, the pole is used to its maximum potential as a piece of fitness equipment which is very versatile. The entire body gets a workout during a pole fitness routine, flexibility, muscle tone, coordination and posture are improved which strengthening the core and the upper body.

It is amazing the amount of exercises that are able to be done with a simple pole, these exercises are similar to exercises that would be performed in any gym, however what is used for resistance is each person’s own body weight. From swan holds to work out the glutes and legs, to chin-ups and crunches that focus on the arms and abs, there is so much that can be done to exercise on a pole.

4. Rock Climbing Gyms

This king of gym is truly a specialty gym, what they offer their clientele is something which can rarely be found outside of this specialty setting, perhaps only are a recreation center or some very large box gyms. That being said, rock climbing gums do tend to offer memberships that are more expensive than other gyms. If however you can afford it, it is a great workout choice.

Experienced climbers tend to prefer climbing with friends or even on their own, if you are a beginner however, it may be a better idea to invest in the assistance of a professional belayer or attend some of these fun classes. If you do not have a harness or appropriate shoes, do not worry, rock climbing gyms have the needed equipment available for rent.

5. Obstacle Course Gyms

Since obstacle course racing has rapidly become popular, it is no wonder so many gyms which are specifically designed to help those in training for wall scaling, rope climbing, crawling through mud, etc. There are some that offer a sort of Spartan Race meets American Ninja Warriors training and others are geared more towards the sport of parkour.

With both of these options, what you can expect to take the place of traditional gym equipment are some odd looking metal frames and many cargo bets. At these gyms you are generally able to do your own routine or sign up for a series of classes. It is however important to note that this industry is not yet well regulated, so be very careful and make sure you stay safe.

These are just five of the most popular specialty gyms that are currently available. It is all about knowing what your fitness goals are and finding the best way to safely reach them. It is also important to not forget to have some fun throughout your process.

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